What to see in Peloponnese Peninsula

Peloponnese Peninsula Attractions

If you asked a group of archaeologists for their recommendations on the most fascinating places in the world there is no doubt that the Peloponnese Peninsula of Greece would feature as a highlight. Ancient Greece has captured the modern, global imagination with its myths, heroes and legendary battles and this powerful and captivating culture still comes alive in the ruins and archaeological sites of the Peloponnese. Here visitors can wander through the remains of some of the most famous ancient cities in the world, like Sparta, once home to the militaristic Spartans, or Mycenae, famously thought to have once led the attack on Troy. Attractions on the Peloponnese Peninsula include Olympia, where the torch is still lit for every Olympic Games, just as it was for the first event; and Ancient Corinth, which Caesar conscientiously rebuilt after his armies sacked it. There is also lots to see and do at Epidaurus, the highlight of which is exploring the 3rd century BC theatre that is still astoundingly well-preserved. Another breathtaking Peloponnese attraction is Palamidi Castle, a fortress with remarkable views that looms over the city of Nafplio.

The region is scenically lovely and ancient ruins and museums are only one of its glories; things to see and do in the Peloponnese include more hedonistic pleasures like lounging on one of the many gorgeous beaches. Arguably the most popular of these is Voidokilia Beach in Gialova.

Ancient Corinth

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