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Jakarta Transport


Travel across Jakarta often requires a combination of many forms of transport. Commonly used is the Transjakarta, a modern bus system that is allocated special street lanes to circumnavigate the often hectic traffic in the city centre. These buses are cheap and plentiful although going long distances can become confusing when transferring. Other bus lines are more crowded and less safe and do not run on a fixed schedule.

Taxis are abundant but can be expensive for longer rides. Blue Bird taxis are the most trusted, although there are many impostors with questionable reputations. Many narrow street lanes are better suited for ojeks, also known as motorbike taxis. Also popular for shorter trips are three-wheeled vehicles known as bajaj. Be sure to bargain with both ojek and bajaj drivers before accepting rides.

Jakarta is a difficult city to navigate through and unfortunately, as it lacks a coherent city centre, attractions are spread quite far apart. For this reason walking is not really an option when sightseeing. Crime is also a problem and if you are walking from place to place you should be conscious of your possessions and ensure that they are difficult to access for pickpockets. It is best to leave valuables in hotel safes when possible.

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