What to see in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Attractions

Tel Aviv is known for its lovely Mediterranean beaches, the hip nightlife and colourful markets. The city does have an impressive arts and culture scene too and some of the most rewarding and popular attractions in Tel Aviv are museums. Using Tel Aviv as a base you also have some wonderful destinations on your doorstep: escape to the gorgeous holiday resort of Eilat on the Red Sea for great scuba diving and snorkelling; explore the ancient port city of Jaffa, thought to be 4,000 years old; take a trip to the magical Underwater Observatory Marine Park to see the Red Sea flora and fauna up close.

Museum lovers are unlikely to run out of things to see and do in Tel Aviv. Three of the city's best museums are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, an absolute must-see for art fanatics; the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beit Hatefutsot), which tracks the history of the Jewish people all over the world; and the Eretz Israel Museum, which is a kind of exhibition park with several different pavilions housing their own distinct collections. If you enjoy theatre, don't miss out on attending a show at the Nalagaat Centre which is renowned for its performances and atmosphere.

For those keen to enjoy sun and sea, Tel Aviv's beaches won't disappoint. Some favourites with tourists are Hilton Beach and Gordon Beach, and for those travelling in Tel Aviv with kids Givat Aliya Beach is wonderful. The old Tel Aviv port area is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, combining the industry of the harbour with cultural attractions and some good restaurants and bars.


Given the fact that the whole of the city's western edge is one long strip of gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, it's…

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Carmel Market

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Eretz Israel Museum (The Land of Israel Museum)

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Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beit Hatefutsot)

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has hosted the country's leading exhibition of modern art since its inception in 1932. It…

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