Venice Transport


As you might expect from a city famous for its canals, water is the main medium of transport in Venice. Water buses, known as Vaporetti, ply the Grand Canal and make scheduled stops. The Vaporetti are a far cheaper way to get around Venice than the famous gondolas, if less glamorous. Instead of taxi cabs, visitors can hire a water taxi or a gondola, piloted by a stripe-shirted gondolier, who for an extra fee will serenade his passengers as he poles them through the waterways. Though an iconic experience on a Venetian holiday, the gondola option is exceedingly expensive. Ideally, take a gondola at least once for the experience, but avoid the Grand Canal in favour of the narrow and charming backwaters of the city, where you will be better able to fully appreciate the romance of the gondola. Travelling down the Grand Canal is obligatory but the vaporetti are well-suited for this purpose.

Once ashore the only way to explore is on foot, through the narrow alleys and lively squares; there are no cars at all in Venice. Walking is the best way to explore the city and most of the attractions are close together and easily reached on foot. Make sure you have a good map as the city can be confusingly labyrinthine.

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