What to see in Montego Bay

Montego Bay Attractions

Montego Bay is Jamaica's most popular tourist city, and for good reason.

Many visitors have no desire to venture beyond the stunning white Caribbean beaches, which will always be the greatest attractions in Montego Bay. And for good reqason: Doctor's Cave Beach, though it now contains no caves and no conspicuous medical practitioners, is a great favourite; the Montego Bay Yacht Club is a wonderful location for cocktails or a romantic meal on the beach; and Cornwall Beach, Aquasol Beach and Sunset Beach are all popular choices. The Montego Bay Marine Park is a protected area ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling and any number of other ocean-based activities. Many of the beaches in Montego Bay are affiliated with resorts and have admission fees.

Montego Bay has two worthy Jamaican Great Houses to explore. The Greenwood Great House, built between 1780 and 1800, and once home to about 3,000 slaves, is now arguably the greatest antique museum in the Caribbean. Th other is Rose Hall, infamous for the wicked female mistress who is still said to haunt the place.

There are many exciting excursions out of the city, including tours of nearby plantations like Croydon in the Mountains, and visits to historic villages like Falmouth. One of the most popular daytrips is a visit to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, where you can hand feed hummingbirds.

Croydon in the Mountains

Jamaica's national hero, Samuel Sharpe - the slave who led the bloody 'Christmas Rebellion' of 1831 and helped to expedite…

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Doctors Cave Beach

The story of Montego Bay's most famous beach began in 1906, when a group of doctors decided to found a bathing club on…

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The rather derelict Georgian port town of Falmouth is about 23 miles (37km) east of Montego Bay, and makes for an interesting…

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Greenwood Great House

The Greenwood Great House was built between 1780 and 1800 and is generally regarded as 'the greatest' of Jamaica's Great…

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Hip Strip

The 'Hip Strip' is undoubtedly Montego Bay's liveliest area. It comprises the area surrounding Gloucester Avenue, and…

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Montego Bay Marine Park

The Montego Bay Marine Park is located adjacent to the city of Montego Bay, proclaimed to protect some of Jamaica's best…

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Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

An extremely popular Montego Bay tourist attraction, and an absolute must for bird-lovers, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary…

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Rose Hall

The Rose Hall Great House is one of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions, particularly because of the Gothic horror…

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