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One can just imagine the sweat-sodden colonial pioneers struggling upwards in search of cool, hilltop refuges in Malaysia, and many similarly wilting tourists are now following in their footsteps. The hill stations were once reserved for colonial officials and their families but these scenic spots up in the clouds have become very popular destinations with locals and foreigners. The old stations have been widely differentiated and although leisurely forest walks and afternoon tea are still a feature of some, colonial quaintness has been replaced by luxury resorts in many cases.

Featured below are the four most popular hill stations: Bukit Larut, or Maxwell Hill, is the oldest hill refuge, and is a peaceful, old-fashioned place which has resisted development and caters to a limited number of visitors; Cameron Highlands is the largest hill resort and has been well developed for tourism, retaining the best of the British traditions but also encouraging commercialisation; Fraser's Hill is the preferred station for nature lovers, offering extensive hiking trails and natural attractions, with development limited to protect the rainforest; and the Genting Highlands is a glitzy, resort playground famed for its casinos and theme parks, which bears no resemblance to the hill stations of old.

Other popular hill resorts in Malaysia include Penang Hill, also called Bukit Bendera, which has phenomenal views over Georgetown and the Penang Bridge, and a charming old funicular system to take visitors to the top. There is also a canopy walk set up to facilitate jungle adventures. Bukit Tinggi, a fairly large city in West Sumatra, is also often listed as a hill station due to its altitude, and it offers some wonderful attractions, including the Sianok Canyon and the Japanese Caves, which are tunnels and bunkers built during World War II.

Bukit Larut

The holiday retreat of Bukit Larut, known formerly as Maxwell Hill, is the oldest hill station in Malaysia and is situated seven miles (12km) from Taiping, at an altitude of 3343 feet (1,019m). Bukit…

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Cameron Highlands

The holiday destination of Cameron Highlands is the largest hill resort in Malaysia, located at the northwestern edge of Pahang state at an altitude of 6,001 feet (1,829m). This fertile region comprises…

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Frasers Hill

Louis James Fraser was a controversial, solitary figure who arrived at the seven hills that have come to be known collectively as Fraser's Hill and set up camp on one of the cool, lush summits. The…

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Genting Highlands

The Genting Highlands holiday resort, often called Resorts World Genting, has none of the colonial old world atmosphere of the other hill stations. Its main purpose is to entertain Kuala Lumpur's more…

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