Port Louis Transport


Visitors should have no trouble getting around Port Louis, as the city's transportation system is reasonably developed and effective, especially considering its size.

The most popular form of transportation for locals and travellers alike is the bus network spanning the entire city and most of the island. The buses in Port Louis usually run between 5:30am and 8pm. Visitors are advised to have change available, as the ticket sellers may not be able to split large denominations. Travellers concerned about being unfamiliar with the bus system need not worry, as buses in Port Louis normally have a conductor to assist and guide passengers.

Taxis are another popular form of transport for visitors, though they are considerably more expensive than buses. Taxis provide the convenience of a personalised route, which can be better suited for those with deep pockets and tight schedules. Nevertheless, traffic is increasingly an issue in Port Louis, largely because of many new cars hitting the roads without much expansion of the infrastructure. Time-conscious travellers would therefore be wise to plan their route accordingly and allow for some time to sitting traffic.

A further option for travellers in Port Louis is to rent a car. This can be a fairly cheap option, especially for those travelling in groups, but is nevertheless still susceptible to the city's temperamental traffic.

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