What to see in Mexico City

Mexico City Attractions

The culturally colourful and historically fascinating Mexico City has plenty to see and do for visitors from all walks of life, making it well worth exploring en route to the resorts, a great place for a lively weekend away, or even a holiday destination in its own right. Mexico City is also reputed to be the city with the most museums in the world and is sure to appeal to history buffs and art lovers.

With ancient ruins just a stone's throw from the city, tourists will want to visit the Templo Mayor, the principal temple of the Aztecs and part of Tenochtitlán, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Teotihuacan, the site of Mexico's largest ancient city, which dates back to around 300 to 600 BC. For a more colonial flavour, visit the beautiful nearby town of Guanajuato, discovered by the Spanish in 1558 for its silver deposits.

Downtown Mexico City is a great place to soak up the architecture and atmosphere of the stately buildings. The Zócalo is the main gathering point in the city and is surrounded by historic buildings. The Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi is surrounded by cafés and restaurants and is also a favourite spot for tourists. To see the city at its most picturesque, stroll along the cobbled streets of San Angel where ancient mansions and colonial houses make for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Art lovers will enjoy the Palacio de Bellas Artes which features the works of Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, as well as 6,000 other works of art, while one of Mexico City's most popular attractions is undoubtedly the Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City's largest park, covering an enormous area containing lakes, a zoo, and several museums, including the Museo Nacional de Antropología.

Bosque de Chapultepec

Bosque de Chapultepec is a truly immense urban park. This green lung of mexico city spans over 686 hectares (1,695 acres), and pumps the metropolis full of fresh, clean air. It's…

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El Zocalo

In the middle of the Mexico City's historic centre is the enormous paved Plaza de la Constitucion, or Zocalo, the second largest city square in the world, and Mexico City's centre of government and…

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Guanajuato is considered to be one of Mexico's colonial gems, founded around the rich silver deposits discovered by the Spanish in 1558. It is a city of history, where the cry of rebellion against…

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San Angel

Formerly a separate village, San Angel is one of the more charming of Mexico's suburbs, an exclusive neighbourhood with ancient mansions and colonial houses along cobbled streets. It is famed for its…

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Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor (Great Temple) was the principal temple of the Aztecs, believed to mark the centre of the universe. It was part of the sacred complex of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, and today it…

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Situated 31 miles (50km) from Mexico City, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Teotihuacan is the site of Mexico's largest ancient city, constructed by a long forgotten culture, and dating from around…

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Zona Rosa

The Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) is the city's major dining, nightlife and shopping district. It is a compact area, a dense knot of streets crammed with bars, shops, boutiques, restaurants and hotels. The…

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