Casablanca Transport


Casablanca is a large and chaotic city and first-time visitors may find getting around a daunting prospect. Fiat Uno taxis provide metered services in the central metropolitan areas. Registered taxis can be easily hailed from just about anywhere in the city and are easily identified by their red colour. There are also bigger white taxis available. Both kinds are usually shared and the drivers may wait till the vehicle is full before setting off. The big white taxis can also be hired by the hour or day and many travellers choose to do this. Keep in mind that a 50 percent surcharge goes into effect after 8pm.

Casablanca does have a bus system; however, it is often confusing for visitors as there are many companies operating on different routes at varying prices. Note that buses don't leave on a fixed schedule, but often depart only when full.

Rental car agencies can be found throughout the city, but they are expensive and those opting to drive themselves should be cautious of chaotic driving and high accident rates.

Despite the apparent chaos, many of the main sights and attractions of Casablanca are situated close together and can be explored on foot. Walking around the city is safe enough if you stick to crowded and touristy areas but petty thieves, such as pickpockets, do take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. In public transport and when walking travellers should not display wealth and should try not to draw attention to themselves.

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