What to see in Lagos

Lagos Attractions

Lagos has a number of interesting museums, including the National Museum of Nigeria, the Didi Museum, the Nike Art Gallery, and the National Theatre of Arts and Culture.

For many travellers, the noise and bustle of the city's streets and markets will seem enough of a sightseeing adventure. Lekki Market is a great experience, and one of the best places to explore what city life in Lagos is all about.

After a few days in the city, many visitors may feel the need for some peace and quiet, and there are a number of great attractions within an hour's drive from central Lagos. There are several excellent beaches in the area, including Eleko Beach, Bar Beach, Elegushi, and Lekki Beach. Nearby beach resorts like Hermitage Garden Resorts and La Campagne Tropicana on the Lekki Peninsula are worth a visit, as is the Lekki Conservation Centre. Finally, no trip to Lagos is complete without a visit to Sungbo's Eredo to see the largest pre-colonial construction Africa has to offer, or the ancient slave port of Badagary Town.

Eleko Beach

The best beach for Lagos-based visitors is Eleko Beach, located just one hour away from Nigeria's frenetic economic heartland. It's clean and peaceful, with perfect waves and beach…

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Lekki Beach Resort

A favourite among business travellers to Lagos and expatriates living in the area of Victoria Island, Lekki Beach Resort is a new establishment offering well-heeled tourists the opportunity to experience…

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Situated on the Lekki Peninsula covering 190 acres (78 hectare), the Lekki Conservation Centre is perfect to experience the fauna and flora of this region's delicate ecosystems.…

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Lekki Market

For a taste of the real Lagos, head to the bustling, chaotic, and always fascinating Lekki Market. Intrepid shoppers that make the trip here will be rewarded with a wonderful selection of African masks,…

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National Museum

Occupying prime position on Lagos Island in the centre of the city, the National Museum contains a number of treasures and cultural relics of great interest. Take your diary along to record the experience…

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Sungbo's Eredo

Take a taxi one hour north of Lagos to see Sungbo's Eredo, Africa's largest pre-colonial construction, a sight rated by experts as an unknown 'Wonder of the World'. The Eredo is a rampart that is 1,050…

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