Lagos Transport


Getting around Lagos can be a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Walking can be risky unless a traveller can convincingly blend in with the local populace as tourists are often targeted by criminals. The best bet is to hire a private car and driver. Drivers are available outside most hotels and concierges should be able to recommend a reliable one. Taxis are reasonably safe, reliable and affordable. Cabs are often painted yellow with a blue stripe running down the side.

Another option for getting around Lagos is to use one of the city's plentiful yellow VW buses. These are irregularly maintained, to say the least, but are still used by millions of locals every day.

The fastest and most unpredictable mode of transport is the city's commercial motorbikes (okadas). Drivers are almost exclusively unlicensed, however, and they are officially banned in certain areas of the city.

The main transport hub in Lagos is Ojota Motor Park, eight miles (13km) north of Lagos Island. Buses and taxis leave from here to destinations all over Africa.

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