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Cuzco Attractions

Cuzco is a treasure trove of archaeological and cultural wonders and has enough attractions to keep tourists occupied for weeks. The high altitude of the ancient town can be a bit challenging in the beginning, but after a day or two visitors will acclimatise. Giving yourself a bit of time to get used to the altitude is a must if you are setting off to Cuzco's most famous attraction, Machu Picchu. The Lost City of the Incas is deservedly one of the continent's most spectacular and intriguing tourist attractions, but Cuzco is the gateway to many other ancient Incan sites, and there are many stunning hikes in the mountainous region apart from the Inca Trail. The Sacred Valley contains many gems and wonderful, dramatic scenery, and the nearby ruins of Sacsayhuaman are some of the most fascinating in the country.

Visitors can enjoy the attractions of the city and surrounding areas at a reduced rate by taking advantage of the Cuzco Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistica del Cusco), which costs about US$50 and allows entry to 16 sites within a 10-day period. The ticket can be bought at any of the sites, which include Puca Pucara, Sacsayhuaman, Tambo Machay, Qenko, the Cathedral, San Blas, the museum of Santa Catalina, the site museum at Qorikancha, the museum of regional history, the museum of religious art, the museum of the municipal palace, Chincheros, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Tipón and Pikillaqta. Variations of the ticket covering less attractions and active for only a day or two are also available.

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