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So far east that it might be called west, the Russian Far East consists of thousands of miles of wilderness stretching from Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia to the Pacific Ocean that's larger in size than the whole of Europe.

Commonly mistaken for Siberia, the Russian Far East is far more than an icy wasteland, it is a paradise for adventurous nature-lovers with a unique ecosystem that includes reindeer, whales, Polar bears, walrus, and hundreds of migratory bird species. The Far East is home to some excellent nature reserves and national parks, and even the remote volcanoes of the Kamchatka Peninsula, out of range to all but the most adventurous (and well-funded) travellers.

Most of the towns in the Russian Far East are located along the Pacific coast, and port cities like Vladivostok and Khabarovsk (the ultimate destinations of the Trans-Siberian Railway), are a mix of tsarist-era buildings and cosmopolitan sensibilities that contrast with more isolated towns like Yakutsk and Magadan.

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