Edinburgh Climate & Weather

Edinburgh Climate and Weather

Edinburgh has a temperate, maritime climate which is relatively mild considering the city's northern latitude, but may still frustrate tourists with plenty of cold, rain, wind and fog year round. Having said that, the gloomy weather often seems to add even more atmosphere to this romantic, Gothic city. Edinburgh, like the rest of the UK, has very unpredictable weather, with sunny summer days sometimes rapidly changing into damp, showery bleakness or vice versa. Summers are generally fine though, with mild temperatures and bright sunshine, although days might start out misty. Winters are long and damp with many frosty days. The winter months of December, January and February are the rainiest, although rain is likely in any season, but snow in winter is infrequent. The average temperatures in summer, between June and August, range between 49.5°F (9.7°C) and 66.4°F (19.1°C). The average temperatures in winter, between December and February, range between 34.3°F (1.3°C) and 45.5°F (7.5°C). Edinburgh is sometimes known as the 'windy city', with the prevailing wind coming from the southwest.

The best time to travel to Edinburgh is during spring and summer, between April and August, when parks are a riot of colour and the weather is pleasant.

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