Edinburgh Transport


A good network of bus routes covers the city and this is the main form of public transport. Buses are given exclusive use of certain lanes within the city, and as a result, the services are fairly free-flowing. Exact change is required as one enters the bus, so buying a One-Ticket pass is a convenient option: this allows unlimited travel in and around the city. Different bus companies provide services along similar routes, and tickets are not interchangeable. Night buses come into operation after midnight; they offer an economical way of getting home after a night out. There are no internal rail services. Black taxis are easily hailed in the street and there are numerous taxi ranks, but rates are a bit expensive. Rental cars can be useful for touring the country, but driving around Edinburgh's one-way, narrow streets can be confusing, and parking is difficult.

Edinburgh is compact, and its pretty views and large number of parks make walking a lovely way to see the city. Keep in mind, though, that Edinburgh has a fair share of steep hills, which can also make cycling challenging. The city is definitely best explored on foot for those who can handle the steep roads; in fact, any other mode of transport will deprive visitors of some glorious sights.

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