What to see in Bilbao

Bilbao Attractions

Bilbao is a fabulous city for travellers wanting to take in the sights, especially during the summer months between May and September when the weather is warm and perfect for spending days outdoors. From cultural and historic attractions to good old-fashioned fine dining and entertainment, Bilbao has plenty to offer.

Start at the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, if only to marvel at the exterior of the building's innovative architecture with its titanium twists and curves. Art lovers also shouldn't miss the Museo de Bellas Artes, which boasts more than 6,000 works dating back to the 12th century, while the Basque Museum focuses on the history and archaeology of the region. For the perfect holiday snaps, climb the Mallona stairs from the Plaza Unamuno to Parque Etxebarria for breathtaking views over the city. History buffs should check out the Cathedral de Santiago, the oldest building in Bilbao, or the beautiful Gothic Basílica de Begoña which dates back to the early 1600s and whose spires can be seen throughout the city. A very popular and worthwhile excursion from Bilbao is Pamplona, the scene of the famous running of the bulls which takes place in July each year. The nearby resort of San Sebastian makes the perfect summer beach getaway.

Travellers in Bilbao who plan on doing lots of sightseeing should look into buying the Bilbao Tourist Card, which is available from all tourist offices around Bilbao and can be used for discounts on public transportation fares, admissions for museums , shows, shops and restaurants.

Bilbao City Hall

Located on the right bank of the Estuary of Bilbao, across from the Puente del Ayuntamiento bridge, Bilbao's elegant city hall, in the Plaza Erkoreka Ernesto, dates from 1892 and was designed by Joaquin…

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Guggenheim Museum

Locals in Bilbao are divided on whether it is a 'beauty' or a 'beast', but the bizarre multi-million dollar Guggenheim Museum, opened in 1997, has brought thousands of visitors flocking to the city…

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Museo de Bellas Artes

For a more mainstream artistic experience than that offered by the astonishing Guggenheim Gallery, the Museo de Bellas Artes in the Plaza Museo fits the bill admirably, with some valuable works on…

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Museo Vasco

The Museo Vasco, also known as the Euskal Museoa or Basque Museum, is in the heart of the old quarter of the city, housed in a lovely 17th-century Jesuit cloister. The museum, established in 1921,…

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