Kiev Transport


Kiev has an extensive public transport system, including buses, trams, trolleys and a metro (the fare is the same for all). Although the metro does not cover the entire city, it is still the fastest way to get around, particularly as the bus service can be unreliable and crowded at peak hours. Privately owned minibuses (known as marshrutkas) are also available; they can be flagged down anywhere along their routes and will usually have stops listed on their windows. Official taxis can be pre-booked by phone or hailed on the street. Private, non-metered cars may also stop; be sure to negotiate a price up front when choosing this option. Parking can be a problem in the city centre. Exploring the city on foot is perhaps the best way to experience its many cultural attractions, though keep in mind all signage is in the local language. It is well worth taking the funicular on the steep western bank for fantastic views.

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