Flights to Seattle

Flights to Seattle from the UK

There are some direct flights available from London to Seattle, but most flights from the UK to Seattle include a layover.

What is the flight time from London to Seattle?

The flight time from London to Seattle is just under ten hours, but with layovers included flight time is more.

Which airlines offer flights from the UK to Seattle?

British Airways offers flights from seattles to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Manchester and Newcastle.
Lufthansa flies to Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.
KLM has flights available from Seattle to Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Leeds, London, Newcastle and Norwich.
United has flights to Belfast.
Emirates offers flights from Seattle to Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester andNewcastle.
Delta flies to Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Humberside, Leeds and Norwich.
American Airlines offers flights from Seattle to London.

Airports in Seattle

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport(SEA)

The airport is situated 12 miles (19km) south of Seattle and 15 miles (24km) north of Tacoma.

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