Reggae Marathon

In true Jamaica style, every year the island plays host to a well-attended Reggae Marathon. Many may wonder what a reggae marathon is: well, picture an island marathon with a sound system rigged up along the race route playing reggae beats to egg the athletes on, and you just might have the correct image in mind. And with world class athletes such as Usain Bolt hailing from the small island, one might come to the conclusion that running to the tune of Bob Marley's "Jamming" might just be the way forward. The Reggae Marathon is a world-class run along some of Negril's finest white sandy beaches. There is a full marathon and a half marathon to be entered as well as lots of less athletic events for those who think reggae is still best paired with drinking and relaxing. Spectators can sit back and enjoy the scenery as runners tour the island after a traditional Rastafarian blessing at the beginning of the event. The course is mainly flat but the difficulty level is increased slightly by the fact that running on sand is rather strenuous. International competitors should be prepared for the heat and hydrate well as December is hot in Jamaica.

Venue: Seven Mile Beach, Negril

Date: 6 December 2014

Website: www.reggaemarathon.com