Great Japan Beer Festival

Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese drink more than just Sake and rice wine. Beer is also highly popular and the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido is famed for its brews. Many of these are available at Tokyo's Great Japan Beer Festival each year where more than 120 local and international craft brews can be sampled. Tickets cost approximately ¥4,300 and the event is fun and festive, with some great brews to enjoy. Japan hosts multiple beer festivals and a number of cities compete with Tokyo to throw the biggest party, although the capital has so far been the most popular, with about 5,500 enthusiasts attending Tokyo's Great Japan Beer Festival in 2012. In 2013 Osaka holds its beer festival between the 13 and 15 July; Nagoya hosts the festival on the 3 and 4 August; and Yokohama will celebrate between the 14 and 16 July. The Japanese Craft Beer Association throws a number of other exciting beer tastings and competitions every year. For details on these events see the association's official website listed below.

Venue: Yebisu Garden Place

Date: 6 - 7 June 2015

Website: www.beertaster.org/index-e.html