Santa Tecla Festival

At the Santa Tecla festival visitors to Tarragona can choose from any number of entertainment options ranging from rock and jazz concerts and theatre to traditional dance demonstrations and puppet shows. This ancient festival brings together all the festive traditions of Catalonia, with plentry of people dressing up in traditional costumes and an emphasis on folk dance and music as well as big traditional parades. However, this cultural celebration is accompanied by massive street parties, sporting events, film-screenings and other modern fun. The most spectacular and popular event to watch at the Santa Tecla Festival is the castellers competing to build the highest human pyramids. Tarragona's human castles at the Santa Tecla Festival are not to be missed! Teams, known as colles, compete to build the highest and most intricate human pyramid. Another highlight is the Correfoc fire run which brings the festival to a close: the fire run entails people dressed as devils and dragons running through the streets carrying fire and fireworks and showing off for the crowds, sometimes spraying them with sparks. The festival is great fun, and should keep tourists entertained as well as teaching them about local culture.

Venue: Tarragona

Date: September 2015 TBC

Website: santatecla.tarragona.cat