King Mango Strut

Not to be missed! Calling itself the 'Weirdest Parade in the Universe', and boldly claiming to 'put the NUT back in Coconut Grove', the King Mango Strut is a wild and irreverent parade, that draws vast crowds of fun-loving spectators from all over Miami and its surrounding areas. The spirit of the King Mango Strut is significantly tongue-in-cheek. Parody is the order of the day, and participants are willing to poke fun at anything and everything. Nothing is off-limits, and in the name of good satire, the boundaries of good taste are often pushed. Visitors to Miami in December would be ill-advised to miss this spectacle; described by the official website as 'the wackiest event in South Florida (not counting the elections)'.

Venue: Coconut Grove, Miami

Date: December 2015 TBC

Website: www.kingmangostrut.org