SLUG Queen Festival

The quirky city of Eugene, Oregon annually plays host to an utterly bizarre beauty pageant, known as the SLUG Queen Festival. Taking its name from an acronym (the Society for the Legitimisation of the Ubiquitous Gastropod) - purportedly developed in honour of the slimy creatures that fill Eugene's perennially-sodden gardens - the festival started as an anti-pageant of sorts, designed to mock the usual way in which beauty competitions are run. This anarchic, playful spirit has imbued every SLUG Queen Festival since, and visitors can look forward to joining a crowd of thousands to watch the costumed procession, and the hilarious talent-show that ensues. Unsurprisingly, the competition has evolved into a unisex affair, and the judge's official edict to contestants - 'bribe early, bribe often' - is probably the only thing taken seriously in the whole competition. Rounding out the irreverent atmosphere, are slug-themed food stalls and a dedicated children's area, with plenty of fun activities. Past winners of the pageant include Marie Slugtoinette and Slugretha Franklin.

Venue: Eugene, Oregon

Date: August 2014 TBA

Website: www.slugqueen.com