Barunga Festival

The Barunga Festival is Australia's longest-running annual celebration of Aboriginal arts and culture, and an important social event, that attempts to bridge the gap between two cultures that have had a very thorny past. Taking place every year in the community of Barunga, located in the Beswick Aboriginal Reserve, the Festival is a unique opportunity for visitors from all over the world to observe traditional Jawoyn culture. Highlights of the festival include didgeridoo-making workshops, Pandanus basket-weaving workshops, a bush medicine walk, a spear-throwing competition, musical performances and art exhibitions - and most moving of all, the Dreamtime storytelling experience, where respected Jawoyn elders take visitors for a short walk to a revered place within the Reserve, and tell them traditional Jawoyn stories. Visitors to Northern Territory are strongly advised to make the trip out to the Barunga Festival, if only to increase their understanding and their appreciation of the richness of Aboriginal culture.

Venue: Barunga, Beswick Aboriginal Reserve (about 80km southeast of Katherine)

Date: June 2012 TBA

Website: www.barungafestival.com.au