The South Australian German Association's incarnation of Schützenfest (originally, a marksman's festival held in medieval Germany) is said to be the largest folk festival in the southern hemisphere, and has been run on an annual basis since 1964. Although the shooting competition is still a central event of the festival, over the years a wealth of diverse cultural fare has also been included in the program. Visitors can observe Bavarian dancing, fencing and even Japanese swordsmanship demonstrations, as well as take part in the Coopers Strong Arm beer stein lifting challenge! There is also a dedicated stage set up, where top Australian bands play throughout the weekend, and there is a huge array of stalls selling delicious, authentic German food, and - of course - delicious, authentic German beer.

Venue: Bonython Park, Adelaide

Date: January 2016 TBC

Website: www.schutzenfest.com.au