Hungarian F1 Grand Prix

One of the most popular meetings on the Formula 1 motor-racing circuit is the Hungarian Grand Prix. World class race drivers pit their wits and skills against each other on the Hungaroring track about 12 miles (20km) from central Budapest. Hungary had their first grand prix on a small track in Budapest in 1936 but due to the war and ensuing politics it was 50 years before another was held. The 1986 event was the first Grand Prix to take place behind the Iron Curtain. The Hungarian Grand Prix is enthusiastically supported and the narrow and twisty track means that it is associated with tense, processional races where cars are forced to follow the leader due to the difficulty and danger of passing. There have been some famous races on this track as a result of the difficulty of overtaking but in 2003 the track was adapted a little to try and allow more passing. It is a wonderful, extremely exciting, and hugely popular sporting event and shouldn't be missed by petrolheads and fans when travelling to Hungary.

Venue: Hungaroring Circuit, Mogyorod

Date: 26 July 2015

Website: www.formula1.com