Doo Dah Parade

Known as the ‘other’ parade, the Doo Dah Parade began as a parody of the Rose Parade – where the one had a list of rules and regulations and invited performers, the other decided to exult in the opposite with no theme, no judges and no commercials. Every year thousands of marching groups or acts are led through the streets in a colourful procession of humour, eccentricity and mayhem, doing almost anything they please and attracting enormous crowds of spectators along the route. Entries are unusual and entertaining, and have included Dead Rose Queens, The Spawn of Captain James T. Kirk, the Royal Doo Dah Orchestra, the Invisible Man Marching Band, Caesar’s Circus, BBQ and Hibachi Marching Grill Team and Bungee Barbies, among others.

Venue: Old Town Pasadena

Date: April 2015 TBA

Website: www.pasadenadoodahparade.info