Festival of Holi

Delhi puts on a colourful face in March for the light-hearted Festival of Holi, celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Holi is the first major Hindu festival of the year and is celebrated joyously. The exuberant spring festival starts on the night of full moon, when bonfires are lit on street corners to clear the air of evil spirits. The next morning sees the streets full of people of all ages chasing each other and throwing pots of brightly-coloured powder pigment over each other in uninhibited mischief. The fun ends at noon, when everyone retires to wash off the paint and finish the day relaxing. Although the powder play is visually stunning and lots of fun, it can be a challenge to get all the pigment off your skin, hair and clothes afterwards - people are encouraged to use the traditional natural pigments that are better for the environment and the body, and these do come off far more easily. Although Holi is celebrated all over India, it reaches a unique fever-pitch in Delhi and travellers are strongly advised to coincide their time in Delhi with this unforgettable spectacle. Foreigners are enthusiastically included in the festival, which is all about friendliness and happiness. Such is the event's popularity that versions of Holi are now celebrated all over the world.

Venue: Throughout the city, and all around India

Date: 6 March 2015

Website: www.holifestival.org