Harbour Birthday Fest

To celebrate over 800 years of harbour history, Hamburg's birthday festivities entail many water and air-based shows and activities, as well as live music, a funfair and lots of entertainment. More than 1,5 million visitors attend the festival every year and in 2013 the Port of Hamburg will be celebrating its 824th birthday. Aquatic events are at the centre of the celebrations and traditional highlights include the ship's parade, tugboat ballet and dragon boat racing, while helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides and parachuting take place above the harbour area. Apart from these maritime and sporting activities the gangplanks and warehouse district of Hamburg become an entertainment and shopping paradise with thousands of stalls selling food, drink and various crafts springing up to delight visitors. There is also a lot of entertainment on offer with artists and performers of all kinds showcasing their talents on numerous stages. The local museums also participate and launch special exhibitions and deals for the occasion. The Harbour Birthday Festival is wonderful for the whole family and there is plenty of entertainment for children.

Venue: Hamburg Harbour

Date: 9 - 11 May 2014

Website: english.hamburg.de