Kuala Lumpur International Tower Jump

The Menara Kuala Lumpur (better known as the KL Tower) is the fourth tallest telecommunications tower in the world, standing at 1,381 feet (421m). The tower has become a magnet for extreme sports enthusiasts, particularly 'BASE' (building, antenna, span and earth) jumpers. Every year an increasing number of daredevils make repeated jumps from the tower and allow three-second free falls before opening their chutes, leaving spectators breathless. There are also night jumps. Only experienced BASE jumpers, who have done at least 120 jumps previously and have been active participants in the sport for more than two years, will be considered as contestants. A maximum of a hundred jumpers are selected annually. Other events on the day include a light aircraft fly past, helicopter roping, radio controlled aircraft displays and gliding exhibitions. There is also BASE jumping done at the Gua Damai Cliff in the Gua Damai Extreme Park (a 20 minute drive from the KL Tower). For more information and some video clips of the event check out the official website listed below.

Venue: Menara Kuala Lumpur

Date: 25 - 29 September 2014

Website: www.kltowerjump.com