Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

One of the first events in the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix motor racing season is the Malaysian Grand Prix at the impressive Sepang International Circuit. The first World Championship Grand Prix held at this new ultra-modern track, known for its sweeping corners and wide straights, was in 1999, and since then the event has become known as one of the most thrilling on the F1 Calendar. The Malaysian weather, with the possibility of extreme heat or tropical storms, adds extra excitement to the race. The inaugural event, in 1999, remains the most famous, because it saw Michael Schumacher return to the sport after injury, race masterfully and help his team mate to win, only to be disqualified on a technical irregularity, which was later overruled! The 2001 event is also well remembered because it was held during a storm, which made conditions extremely dangerous. Thousands of people travel to Malaysia for the Grand Prix and the event is accompanied by all sorts of festivities.

Venue: Sepang Circuit

Date: 29 March 2015

Website: www.formula1.com