Argentine Polo Open

Polo was introduced to Argentina by the British and has become a major national sport. The Argentine Polo Cup was started in 1893 and has run every single year since then, making it the fifth oldest sports championship in the world. Argentina is home to the world's best players, most of whom travel to England or the US in the winter to earn their living and return to Buenos Aires to compete in the most gruelling tournament of the year, the Argentine Open.

The teams - which are often dominated by the big polo families of the Heguys, Merlos and Pieres - play a series of eight-chukka matches to a packed crowd at the Palermo stadium. In addition to the matches, attractions at the Open include the guest themselves, who according to tradition dress to the nines in honour of the event. Hats are often prominent and sometimes outlandish. Following matches, many of the guests head to the swanky bars and restaurants in the Palermo district.

Venue: Palermo Stadium

Date: April 2015 TBA