Australia Day Celebrations

Australia's National Day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet and is a celebration of all that is Australian. While many families celebrate the day at home with traditional barbies (barbecues), Sydney makes sure to celebrate the holiday in grand style all over the city. It is the biggest day celebration in the country and includes a wide variety of water and land based activities and shows. Favourite annual events include the Ferrython, Tall Ships Race, Australia Day Parade and the traditional Regatta. Various venues throughout the city stage formal ceremonies, food and wine fairs, Australian musical performances and street entertainment, and the day culminates at Darling Harbour with a dazzling fireworks display set to music. For visitors wanting to see and experience Sydney at its best, it's a good diea to plan a visit around the Austrialia Day celebrations.

Venue: Various

Date: 26 January 2015

Website: www.australiaday.com.au