Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

There is never a dull moment in this teeming city designed to inflict sensory overload, but during the summer Popular Arts Festival, Marrakech is more frenzied and alive than ever, the already-packed streets even more crowded with an abundance of tourists and Moroccans avid for fun. Artists, craftsmen, vendors, musicians, acrobats, fire-swallowers and dancers hold performances in every corner of the city, with the centre of the action at the ruined 16th-century Badi Palace, once the heart of the powerful Saadian Dynasty. One of the most popular features is the 'fantasia', a choreographed trick horse-riding spectacle held each evening in a field near the Bab Jdid just outside the city walls. Most of the street performances are free, public events and the festive atmosphere makes the whole city come alive with street parties and artistic extravaganzas, but there are also more formal performances and exhibitions in the city's most impressive arts venues and museums. For more information contact the Morocco Tourist Office on +212 (0)37 681 531/532/533, email admin@tourism-in-morocco.com or check out the official website listed below. If you relish the excitement of big crowds and an overload of art July is a great time to visit Marrakech.

Venue: Various, but mainly Badi Palace and Djemma el Fna

Date: July 2015 TBC

Website: www.marrakechfestival.com