Edinburgh Festival

Widely hailed as one of the most important celebrations of the arts in the world, the Edinburgh International Festival is now more than 50 years old, and is held every year during the summer months. Artists, performers, musicians, writers and anyone else wishing to partake flood the city from all over the world, and it is well advised to book accommodation beforehand. Almost every public venue in the city turns into a theatre or gallery during the summer, and visitors often find it difficult to choose what to see and do. A short stroll down the Royal Mile will reveal a crowd of performers giving free previews of their shows to help visitors make up their minds. The Military Tattoo takes place as part of the festival every year at the Edinburgh Castle and is so popular that it is sold out to over 217,000 people in advance and is synonymous with the festival.

Part of the greater Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe Festival is one of the world's largest and most famous art festivals, which had its beginning when unofficial theatre groups set up their shows around the fringes of the main festival in 1947. Unlike the official festival, performers do not need to undergo a selection process to take part, and as a result it attracts a huge diversity of entertainers with hundreds of shows expressing a wide range of cultural and artistic performances.

Venue: The Hub, Castle Hill

Date: 7 to 31 August 2015

Website: www.eif.co.uk