Fasching (Carnival)

Marking the period before Lent, carnival season, or Fasching, in Munich is a time of parades, elaborate costumes, masked balls and street parties that reaches its peak on Shrove Tuesday which is when most of the festivities take place, including the traditional dance of the market women. The streets are lined with food and drink merchants and the whole city turns up at Viktualienmarkt in fancy dress costume to eat, drink and dance the night away. There are many stages for live music and all the shops in the city close at about 1pm so that the locals can participate. Although the enormous party on Shrove Tuesday is the most important part of carnival for many, Carnival Sunday is the best day of the festival for the whole family as there is a large parade through the city including colourful floats with people in fancy dress, lots of music, dance and acrobatics, and other treats like sweets thrown into the crowds of spectators. The parade begins at about 11am and lasts for over an hour. For more information contact Fremdenverkehrsamt München on (0)89 23 396 500 or email tourismus@muenchen.de

Venue: Viktualienmarkt

Date: January to February 2015 TBA

Website: www.muenchen-tourist.de