Munich Opera Festival

The Opera Festival is the most important event on the city's music calendar, held every summer since 1876 in one of the world's most beautiful opera houses. Enthusiasts from around the world gather to listen to the renowned Bavarian State Opera, with a programme of about 70 different performances. Two free, open-air performances are also held outside the opera house in the square. The festival is not limited to opera and also celebrates theatre and ballet as well as other kinds of musical performances. As the festival is so popular and attracts so many visitors this is also generally a boom period for arts and culture in the city as a whole. Every year the programme changes but it is always impressive and includes a range of styles and genres to cater to all tastes. For information on the programme and ticket cost check out the official website.

Venue: National Theatre

Date: 21 June to 31 July 2015

Website: www.muenchner-opern-festspiele.de