Bumbershoot Festival

Bumbershoot is the biggest arts and music festival in the country, showcasing the work of thousands of artists from around the world. The festival began as a state-funded project to lift the city's spirits amidst financial depression after the Boeing's near-collapse, and it has grown from there to become one of the best-know festivals in the country. It is an extravaganza featuring live music performances, dance, theatre, film, comedy, literary and visual arts, as well as street performers, an international food bazaar, and art and crafts market.

The festival has been running for more than forty years and takes place at the Seattle Center, drawing more than 100,00 visitors for the weekend from all over the country. An Indie Market draws vendors from all over the country, selling a wide variety of artisan and handmade crafts and goods.

Venue: Seattle Center grounds

Date: 29 April 2015

Website: www.bumbershoot.com