Sapporo Snow Festival

Since its humble beginnings in 1950, when local students built six snow statues in Odori Park, the Snow Festival has grown into an international event and is one of the biggest and most spectacular festivals in Japan, and a major tourist attraction. Every year the Snow Festival attracts about two million people. Every winter local and international teams compete in the Snow Statue Contest in which sculptors create fantastic art out of snow and ice. Hundreds of beautiful and elaborate snow statues and ice sculptures dot the area, some the size of multi-story buildings, and it is these massive sculptures in particular that have made the festival famous. It is a delight to stroll around looking at these works of art and there are many other facets of the festival to enjoy, like the food stalls which inevitably spring up in the area and all sorts of snow-related games and activities. Odori Park, which stretches from east to west across the centre of downtown Sapporo, is the main venue for the festival but there are also exciting displays at the grounds at Tsudome and the main street in Susukino.

Venue: Odori Park, Makomanai, and Susukino

Date: 5 - 11 February 2015

Website: www.snowfes.com/english/index.html