Amsterdam Pride

One of Europe's most popular and well-attended 'gay pride' festivals, Amsterdam's Pride takes place annually in late July and/or early August. The highlight for many is the Canal Parade on the Saturday in which about 75 decorated craft carry revellers along the Prinsengracht, Amstel and Stopera canals to the delight of about 25,000 spectators. The festival includes a full programme of street parties at different venues during the week, sporting events, an open-air film festival on the Nieumarkt and numerous theatrical and cultural events. Amsterdam's club scene also comes alive, with special events and parties all week long. People from all walks of life are welcome to participate - it is a celebration of tolerance after all - but the homophobic should stay far away and sensitive adults travelling with children may want to be selective about where they take them as the festival traditionally involves quite a lot of nudity and crudity. All the main events take place in central Amsterdam. If you are travelling to the city for this event be sure to book your accommodation well in advance as Amsterdam gets very busy over Pride.

Venue: Various places throughout the city

Date: 25 July to 2 August 2015

Website: www.amsterdamgaypride.nl/canal_parade