Berlin Christmas Markets

During the festive season more than 40 Christmas markets around the city of Berlin attract visitors with traditional arts and crafts, Christmas lights and decorations, and the smell of Glühwein, gingerbread and roasted nuts. Santa Claus, music and dance, fairytales and puppetry are there to entertain the children while shoppers can browse past antique toys and doll makers, candles, woodcarvers, and a variety of traditional goods. The largest Christmas market in Europe is said to be in the suburb of Spandau, where the stalls are spread out throughout the Old Town and provide a particularly traditional experience. The Christmas markets of Germany are becoming increasingly popular as people yearn for a less commercial experience of the season and enjoy the nostalgia and charm of traditional Christmas gifts and decorations. Nothing in the markets in mass-produced and the atmosphere is old-fashioned and merry. Berlin has some of the best markets of this kind in Germany and there are now so many that visitors can spend days exploring the different areas and entertainments.

Venue: Various

Date: December annually

Website: www.germany-christmas-market.org.uk