Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) Costume Party

Since 1994, the 12-hour Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) party has been the biggest annual gay event in South Africa. The Mother City Queer Project, Cape Town's ultimate party, attracts a diverse crowd of people from around the world. Each year party-goers come in teams dressed according to the theme that changes every year (recent themes have included Toolbox and Flower Power). Costumes are usually elaborate, sexy and worn without inhibition, and the event is eagerly awaited by both gay and straight communities. Different dance arenas play various types of music to party the night away. This is Cape Town's biggest party of the year - not to be missed! Tickets should be bought well in advance to avoid disappointment as admission numbers are limited and the event is immensely popular. The MCQP also usually has a launch party when they announce the theme for the year (in about September) and this is a good warm up for the main event. Cape Town is renowned as a friendly, liberal city when it comes to gay rights and it is a great destination for travellers wanting to party in gay bars and clubs as there is a large and vibrant local gay community.

Venue: Cape Town, TBA

Date: December 2014 TBA

Website: www.mcqp.co.za