RomaEuropa Festival

RomaEuropa is Rome's annual international cultural event, that features theatre, dance and music concerts and performances. Although the focus is on Classical music, the festival is famous for the diversity of its various performers and there really should be something to appeal to everyone in the extensive programme. The event has been held for many years and has increased in size and prestige so that now it is considered one of the best art festivals in the world. Thousands of international visitors flock to Rome to enjoy the world-class productions, and many famous international artists and performers are featured. The attractions range from formal, glamorous events with expensive price tags, to free performance art in the streets and bars, and Rome comes alive with music, dance and art exhibitions of all kinds. If you are interested in the arts it is wonderful to plan your visit to coincide with RomaEuropa; the city can get crowded during this time but the festive atmosphere is a bonus. Check the website listed below for information on what is showing and when.

Venue: Various venues throughout Rome.

Date: 23 September to 22 November 2015

Website: www.romaeuropa.net