Athens Festival

The city of Athens' cultural showcase is the two-phase Athens Festival, held every summer since 1955 at the magnificent 2,000 year old Herod Atticus Odeon, built in 161 AD, as well as other venues throughout the city. The ancient tiered theatre nestles at the foot of the Acropolis and during summer and autumn resounds each evening to the tune of symphony orchestras, classical drama and dance, and operatic performances. The large and varied programme of international and Greek artists is available from the Athens Festival office on Stadiou Street or on the official website. The summer section of the festival runs from about June to July, while the autumn section covers August to October. The festival has been expanding over the years and now fills several new venues as well, aiming to promote support and love of the arts in Greece and to showcase young talent and trends in music, dance and theatre from Greece and all over the world. For any visitors to Greece, this is a grand showcase of what Athens has to offer culturally and some of the venues are incredible. The Lycabettus Hill theatre hosts some wonderful performances during the festival and it is a special place to spend a night in Athens.

Venue: Herod Atticus Odeon and other venues

Date: 1 June to 16 August 2014

Website: www.greekfestival.gr