Traditional Greek Dance Festival

Traditional Greek Dancing ©  Erno Verhoeven
Traditional Greek Dancing © Erno Verhoeven

The warmth and energy of the Greek people is nowhere better demonstrated than in their traditional dancing, and this can be witnessed in fine style each summer night (except Mondays and Tuesdays) at the lovely theatre established by Greek folk expert, Dora Stratou, on Philopappus Hill in Athens. The dancers in each show do full justice to the costumes and ancient routines that make up each packed performance. The dance theatre describes itself as 'the living museum of Greek dance' and the dancers are accompanied by traditional folk singers and musicians in their performances. The charming garden theatre can seat up to 800 people and is a great place to spend a hot night in Athens. For those who want to learn more about the dance and folk traditions on show the theatre is also a school and offers courses, lectures and workshops of Greek dance, embroidery and culture.

Venue: Dora Stratou Theatre

Date: May to September 2018

Website: www.grdance.org/en