Rockwave Festival

Since it was first held in 1996 Athens' Rockwave Festival has become one of Europe's most popular annual live rock music events, drawing the hottest performers and an enthusiastic crowd of tens of thousands. The music fest takes place over three days, featuring three stages offering different types of music: metal, rock and dance. Past performers include Ozzy Osbourne, The Prodigy, Machine Head and many more big names. The latest addition is the 'silent' dance experience, featuring the Silent Disco. The festival is well-organised with kiosks that work as meeting points with bulletin boards and helpful staff on permanent duty. There are first aid stations and loads of food and drink options. Cash is not used within the venue - there is a coupon system in operation. Sponsors of the festival run leisure areas where there are games and activities. The venue is in the Malakasa area which is known for its natural scenic splendour and is a protected environment so there is an emphasis on not littering and respecting the natural surroundings.

Venue: Terra Vibe

Date: 20 June 2015

Website: www.rockwavefestival.gr