Ice World

The charming town of Lübeck is the backdrop to the International Festival of Ice and Snow Sculptures which sees artists from all over the world create some of the most magnificent works of art from several hundreds of thousands of pounds of ice and snow. Once completed the sculptures are housed in a tent near the Trave River which is open to the public for a few weeks in December. Apart from the thrill of a sparkling frozen world, it is fascinating to watch the artists, some of whom are internationally renowned, crafting their sculptures and producing such wonderful results. People come from all over the world to participate and spectate. Some of the sculptures are tiny and some enormous. Other popular aspects of the event are the giant skating rinks (there is a separate rink for young children) and the food fair where loads of gourmet treats are sold. Many restaurants accompany the Ice World and eating something warm and yummy is a great accompaniment to the physical fun of the rinks and the freezing temperatures required to keep the sculptures in perfect shape.

Venue: Lübeck Convention Centre

Date: December 2014 to January 2015

Website: www.iceworld.de (German only)