Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade

The Sao Paulo Gay Parade is one of the city's major tourist events and is the highlight of a month-long programme of events that includes parties, street fairs, film festivals, shows and the traditional Gay Day at Hopi Hari amusement park. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transsexual) Parade in Sao Paulo is said to be the biggest event of its kind in the world, having grown from 2,000 people in 1997 to include more than three million people today, who gather on the streets waving rainbow flags in condemnation of homophobia, racism and sexism. As with most Pride parades many people choose to dress up outrageously and the parade is accompanied by lots of parties and festivities.

Venue: Ave. Paulista

Date: 4 - 18 May 2015

Website: www.gaypridebrazil.org/sao-paulo