South by Southwest

The largest and most important of the many live music events for which Austin is renowned is the annual South by Southwest festival, held at more than 50 venues around the city and drawing performers from around the world. The festival started in 1987 as an extension of the New Music Seminar in New York City, andhas since grown and become entirely its own entity. The festival programme includes 1,000 performances on more than 50 stages over a six-day period. In recent years the festival has expanded to encompass film and multi-media, both these categories now forming separate extravaganzas to make South by Southwest a convergence of entertainment and media. The multi-media conference runs for five days, and the fild conference and festival runs for nine days throughout the duration of the other two festivals. The festival has been influential over the years in the discovery of many musicians, such as John Mayer, James Blunt and Hanson, and a new film genre, mumblecore, was reportedly coinded at South by Southwest.

Venue: Austin Convention Center

Date: 13 - 22 March 2015

Website: www.sxsw.com