Joy of Jazz Festival

Every year the best of South African and some international jazz performers come to Johannesburg's vibrant Newtown complex to revel in the joys of jazz music. The festival features concerts and collaborations among the artists, often spontaneous and experimental, in the true spirit of jazz. More experienced artists give workshops and classes to budding artists and work closely with them, offering a rare platform to showcase their talents at the festival. The festival now attracts about 20,000 people to seven pumping venues in Newtown. The growing popularity of Newtown as a centre for creativity, culture and nightlife has played an integral role in the regeneration of the inner city of Johannesburg, and the jazz festival has played a big part in this exciting revitalisation process. There is a five month build up to the main festival, which sees various live jazz concerts piquing the excitement of audiences across Johannesburg in preparation for the main event. The festival also organises community concerts to bring jazz to audiences that don't usually get the chance to enjoy it, like hospices, orphanages and retirement homes. For a full programme check out the official website listed below.

Venue: various venues in Newtown

Date: 24 - 26 September 2015

Website: www.joyofjazz.co.za